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Favorite Kid Snacks

Our family's favorite plant based snacks for kids (and adults):

Strawberries w/ chocolate hummus

Energy balls (recipe here)

Apple slices w/ cinnamon

Banana slices with little dollops of peanut butter

Bowl of frozen blueberries

Bowl of frozen pineapple

Green smoothie (recipe here)

Strawberry, banana, and soy milk smoothie




Ezekiel English Muffin w/ vegan nutella

Dave's Killer Bread w/ avocado and everything bagel seasoning

Go-go squeeze applesauce

Box of raisins

Enjoy life chewy bars

Multigrain crackers

Cinnamon rice cakes

Plain Kite Hill yogurt w/ maple syrup & granola

Kashi cereal

Hippeas puffs

Skinny pop popcorn

Pretzel sticks

Abe's mini muffins

Violife feta & cheddar blocks


Nature's bakery bars

Enjoy Life mini cookies

Enjoy Life brownie bites

SO delicious ice cream sandwiches

SO delicious ice cream bars

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