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3 pillars of health to help thrive. Discuss what areas you need support in:


Fuel your Body

WHOLE HEALTH NUTRITION PROGRAM: Go-at-your-own-pace online program where you will learn the science behind the healing power of plants, the outline of a whole foods plant based diet, grocery lists, meal planners, and resources to eat this way. Join here

1 ON 1 COACHING: customized plant-focused nutrition coaching where we will discuss specific tips, recipes, and meal plans based on your own personal lifestyle , concerns, and goals. 

Shift Your Energy

Shift the energetic field that surrounds you by linking breath to movement . Relieve stuck energy and emotions in the body through opening, twisting, and folding. Clear fear, anxiety, and stress in the body and balance your nervous system by linking breath to movement. 

We will use a foundation of Chinese Medicine to look at where there is imbalance in the body and then will use different styles of yoga and breath work to help restore balance.


Connect with Your Soul


Lower inflammation and stress in the body and increase your overall health by learning how to get aligned with the truest most authentic version of yourself. We will use simple mindset and meditation exercises to cut through the noise and go inward. We will use yoga based principles and foundations to reflect on any blockages and find your true joy, meaning, and purpose. 


“Loved the nutrition program! Alyssa provided insightful education and tools to make plant-based eating approachable, making it easy to implement changes into my daily routine. Loved making delicious recipes and appreciated her support throughout."

Maggie, MA

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