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Back to Nature A Deep Dive Coaching Program
You're diagnosis is not your prognosis

Imagine easing your anxiety around health and feeling confident in your body's own ability to heal. You wake up excited to eat the fresh colorful food you have stocked your fridge with and the nutrient dense meals you have planned for you and your family because you are knowledgable in their power to heal. You have no aches or discomfort, and you have now feel calm and in control when it comes to your well-being. You feel supported and understood by functional medicine & holistic practitioners you have found. You feel no tension in your body trying to control the future because you know living as your highest self will promote wellness mind body and soul, and attract what is truly meant for you. Physically and energetically you feel so alive that you finally feel like you know good things are coming. You now have an abundant amount of resources and tools to use when life throws you off track, so that you know how to get back to health again. You are eating so much anti-inflammatory food, practicing mindset techniques, and relaxing your nervous system that you body has never felt better. 


I have incorporated as many plant based recipes as I can since working with Alyssa.  Even as a busy mom of 3 with a high stress month, I have had zero painful GI symptoms. I have never felt better! Small changes, big results!

What's Included

Bi-weekly 1 hour coaching calls  including a 1:1 clarity deep dive ($600 value)

Weekly check in calls to keep you focused and supported ($400 value)

Actionable tools & plans to improve nutrition, habits, and stress reduction to elevate your health ($300 value)

Weekly recipes to support your meal planning needs ($100 value)

Weekly guided meditations ($50 value)

Guidance towards functional medicine doctors and holistic medicine that supports targeting the root cause ($200 value)

Support of private community of those on a healing path and interested in holistic wellness & nutrition ($100 value & priceless)

50% of future events and retreats

My Story

When I was diagnosed with IBS and a candidate for colon cancer at age 17 I didn't want to spend my life on prescriptions, so I spent years with unexplained digestive pain until discovering the power of plant-focused nutrition. It was then that I completely healed not only my digestive issues, but improved my energy, inflammation, and skin. As I entered my 30's married to a professional hockey player and raising a 2 year old I was eager to grow our family, but struggled with fertility and pregnancy loss my second time around. It was here that I learned the power of reducing stress in the body, finding purpose, and fulfilling and aligning with the greatest and most truthful expression of myself that I could then manage my anxiety around the future and feel my best. It is then that I attracted my third pregnancy, and my second son. The health of the body, mind, and soul are all connected. Because of these experiences when I became sick 3 months postpartum from hormone changes and gallbladder sludge, I had the confidence to make small diet shifts, evaluate my stress , and use holistic practitioners  to  cure my reoccurring gallbladder pain, without needing surgery or prescriptions.

Our body is not our enemy. It is designed to heal and help us- we just need to find the right tools, and the confidence in our own selves.


What to Expect

During our deep dive I will decide the best way to support your health goals. Everyone is uniquely different, but here is a sample collection of the types of tools I offer. All of these tools have not only been proven in scientific studies to improve health, but I have found so much success with them on my own and with clients. 

Bonus Resources: Books, studies, documentaries, podcasts, ted talks, specific to your health situation to further your education and inspire you

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