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Blackened Tofu Sandwich w/ Tartar Sauce


1 package of firm tofu

Old bay seasoning

*Optional dulse flakes

*Optional soy sauce

Whole grain sprouted bread like this

Any greens I used chopped spinach

Sliced tomato

Sliced red onion

Vegan butter for grilling bread

Coconut oil (or vegan butter) for searing tofu

Tarter sauce:

2 spoonfuls of vegan mayo

1/2 spoonful of sweet relish

Pinch of fresh chopped dill

Squeeze from a lemon wedge

Spoonful of capers *optional


Put a dollop of coconut oil on a pan over medium heat until coconut oil is melted.

Drain water from tofu package and remove the tofu. Press excess water out of the tofu with a paper towel (this allows it to absorb seasoning better). Slice into 1/2 inch slabs and season both sides generously with old bay. Optional sprinkle of dulse flakes and drizzle of soy sauce if you have them. Place on pan and cook each side until brown and crispy then set aside.

While pan is still hot spread vegan butter on your bread and put it face down in the pan- cooking a few min until golden brown.

Mix all your tarter sauce ingredients together in a bowl. Spread the sauce on the non grilled sides of the bread then add toppings and cooked tofu- adding more sauce if you want.

Serve and eat warm.


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