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Favorite Trader Joe's Meal

Trader Joe's is known for their flavorful and creative frozen food section. There are so many good time-saving meal options in that tiny compact aisle.

Not to mention their organic produce section is packed with a huge assortment of all the nutrient dense healing bright colors of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I like to grab a bunch of bags of the organic pre-cut broccoli for this meal we eat at least once a week a( meal my 2 year old begs for every day).

The rice takes about 5 minutes to cook in a pan, and while it cooks I boil up the broccoli.

Did you know food doesn't loose it's nutrients when it is frozen? So rest assured you are still getting a semi-healthy meal (yes it is still slightly processed) but also includes protein packed tofu and edamame as well as beta-carotine dense carrots and dha packed seaweed.

Because sometimes we need an easy cooking night with a meal guaranteed everyone will love.

Serves family of 4



  • Avocado

  • Extra Firm Tofu


Pre-heat the oven to 425 F.

Place your chickenless morsels on a baking sheet and set the timer for 20 minutes.

Cook the rice on a large pan over medium heat. I like to use water or vegetable broth instead of oil to prevent sticking. While the rice cooks boil water for your broccoli and drop it in- cooking for about 4 minutes.

Scoop the rice into a bowl along with 2 big scoops of broccoli. I mix in mashed avocado and tofu into the rice for my kid's bowls . Add a few chickenless morsels and drizzle the sweetsauce from the bag over the entire bowl, adding optional sliced avocado on top.



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