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10 Min BBQ Cauliflower Bowl


  • head of cauliflower

  • olive oil

  • onion & garlic powder

  • S&p

  • BBQ sauce of choice

  • chopped greens

  • sliced cherry tomatoes

  • handful of chopped red onion

  • sliced avocado

  • any rice or rice blend (use 90-second microwave packets for a quick option)

  • *optional coconut milk for rice

  • vegan ranch style dressing like this

  • optional parsley for garnish


Sauté cauliflower in olive oil with spices over medium heat about 10-15 min. Turn heat off and add bbq sauce, mixing until covered. Add to a bowl with rice (I like mixing coconut milk into my rice) and remaining ingredients. Drizzling with dressing and optional parsley for garnish.


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