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New Client Intake

Step 1:

Book Your Meeting Dates

If you have not booked your zoom meeting consultations please do so by emailing next available dates to or texting 401-585-4462

Step 2:

Fill Out Client Intake Form Here

Please take the time to fill out this new client intake form before we meet so I can work to best support you and your goals.

Step 3:

Make Plan Payment

Plan 1: $226 for 2 Weeks of Support:

1 hour consulting call, implementation plan, 2 weeks of direct messaging support. Select & Pay

Plan 2: $400 for 4 Weeks of Support:

1 initial consulting call, implementation plan, +1 hour follow up call and follow up plan, 4 weeks of direct messaging and support. Select & Pay

Thank you!

I look forward to working together.

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