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Why I Ditched My College Athlete Workouts for Yoga

Growing up chasing my big brother around I played all the boy sports (hockey, soccer, lacrosse, etc.)

I didn't know any other way.

Give me running and chasing a ball and I am sold- I basically thrived on getting exercised like a golden retriever. It's what guided me to playing college lacrosse. A sport that requires a lot of sprinting, endurance, and strength training.

Playing sports still brings me so much joy- but nothing has surprised me more or transformed my body and mind quite like yoga.

There's something special about it's ancient accessibility. Maybe there's a reason it has been around for thousands of years.

All I need is my own body, my breath, and a free 20-30 min. And nothing about it has to be perfected. There are no limitations or boundaries.

Every day on my mat is different, because every day I am different, my body is different.

Gone are the days of thinking treadmills and bicep curls were the only way to get fit and strong.

But most importantly, it works for me. It brings me joy. It brings me peace.

Experts love to comment on the importance of exercise.

But they rarely give advice on finding a type of movement that works for you.

Movement that brings you joy not pain. One that relieves stress and creates an energy shift. One that makes you feel excited and alive.

Aside from nutrition and exercise- finding what brings you your own personal joy is equally important.

This is yoga for me.

Maybe it's tennis, crossfit, or swimming for you. Maybe its a hike or a long walk.

But for me, my love for yoga over the past 10 years is here to stay, and these are some reasons why.

The Benefits of Yoga:

  • Lengthens the spine

  • Strengthens

  • Tones

  • Quiets the mind

  • Releases emotions

  • Creates energetic shift

  • Activates both the sympathetic & parasympathetic sides of nervous system

  • Reminds you to go inward and listen to your body

  • Can be done anywhere in 20-30 min or less

  • Brings me personal joy

Movement won't be consistent or enjoyable if it's something you dislike. So go exploring there is so much out there. Go find that movement that works for you, maybe it's a mix of a few things, but whatever it is, life is too short not to be in love with it.

If you would like to practice yoga with me feel free to send an email to or check out my videos here.


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