Why I Chose Eastern Medicine For Balancing Hormones & Healing

I knew one kind of health: nutrition. And I knew how to do it well.

I'm eating all the colors of the rainbow, exercising regularly, my blood work is great, my body feels good- that's all there is to it right?

Turns out there's another side of the health coin I was ignoring this past year, unintentionally: mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Basically the stuff in life that makes us happy, and makes me me. Makes me feel a connection to people, myself, and the universe around me. The stuff that melts the stress away.

We all lost a lot of this in Covid pandemic times.

So I may have been eating healthy this past year, but was I "healthy"? How were my stress and anxiety levels? What was I doing for myself to stay happy and positive? What was I doing to heal myself mentally and spiritually after a pregnancy loss?

Well in an attempt to explore the other side of that coin, among many other things, I found Chinese Medicine. It is in my nature to look for holistic healing options before turning to western medicine. I believe in both, but that they should work together, so I set on a path to learn more about eastern medicine first.

Yoga (Hinduism) had already taught me about prana- a universal energy and breath that flows in and around the body. In Chinese medicine they call this vital energy Qi. In Christianity, they call it God. The Japanese call it Reiki. It's the connection you make inside yourself when you are truly present, and is what connects you to unconditional love. It's that buzzing happy free flowing energy that you have probably felt before when you are doing something that truly aligns with you.

All ancient beliefs stem from two things in life: Matter (the body) and this Energy (life force). I happened to be doing great with Matter (the body) part but not so great with the Energy (life force) part.

If you need a visual of this life force, look into "Kirlian photography", as seen in the photo below. A photographer discovered how to capture the energy or "aura" of certain objects with a specific camera technique. This is that energy life force that isn't just an idea, it is something actually proven by science that surrounds all living beings.

"It holds the body’s innate intelligence, the intangible yet measurable way we maintain what’s known as “homeostasis,” or the body’s ability to regulate its internal environment to create good

health. But qi is also understood to be part of a larger pattern, a grand energy field, through which we are all interrelated."

- Jill Blakeway, Energy Medicine

In Chinese medicine, if your Qi (life force) or "homeostasis" is out of balance, it may result in more obvious health problems.

For me I was lucky enough to stumble upon a New York based Chinese medicine practice