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TTC (Trying-To-Conceive) Positive Sayings To Live By

Sometimes it can feel like everyone is getting pregnant but you, when the truth is almost no one gets pregnant the first time, just nobody talks about it. All you are seeing is another happy announcement on instagram that convinces you that you are alone.

First, I encourage you to take a break from social media, because the human mentality wasn't meant to know so much information about such a large circle of people, many times people you don't even know or barely know, to then compare yourself too. Just even a decade earlier, we had small circles of family and friends and that was all we knew, and it was much easier on us because they weren't all announcing babies every week. Our brains and emotions are built for this small tribe mentality, not this interwoven interconnected community that spans across the globe. It's too much for us to handle emotionally and it is starting to show.

Shut it off,. Grab a yoga mat, get a massage, acupuncture, walk in nature, drink coffee with a friend, swim in the ocean, laugh really hard, cook something delicious. There's so much more to life than the addiction of smart phones. Get in touch with you again and watch how your energy shifts.

Secondly, please enjoy these happy thoughts and words that have lifted me up, dug me out, and changed my attitude and perspective this past year.


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