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"What supplements do I need to take on a plant based diet?" We get just about every vitamin and nutrient we need from plant foods however there are a few that come from sun and soil or are just hard to regularly consume that we supplement with.

These are the daily supplements our family takes on a plant based diet:

1) Vitamin B12

A vitamin that lives in soil. The only vitamin that can be found in animals, but not in plants. B12 used to be naturally found in soil on plant foods until pesticides came along. When an animal consumes soil that has b12 the animal gets the vitamin, which is why we get it when we eat animals like cows and chickens. They aren't producing this vitamin, they are getting it from dirty vitamin rich soil. Since we aren't eating dirty soil or animals, our family supplements.

Vitamin b12 for adults click here

*daily recommendation of 50 mcg if under 65, and 1000 mcg if over age 65

Vitamin b12 for kids click here

2) Vitamin D

The only vitamin we can't get through food that comes from the sun. If you are in the sun at least 10 minutes a day, you don't need to supplement. However most of us aren't, so we tend to be vitamin D deficient. We supplement just in case.

Vitamin D for adults: click here

*daily recommendation of 20 mcg

There are also Vitamin D+ b12 vegan gummies available: click here

Vitamin D For kids: Pediatrician will usually prescribe or you can purchase Vitamin D drops.

If child is older than 1 and drinking at least two cups a day (about 400 IUS) of Vitamin D fortified soy milk (this is what Jameson does) then they also will meet requirements without needing to supplement.

3) DHA (Omega 3 from algae)

A fish gets omega 3s (DHA) from eating algae. Instead of getting it indirectly through eating a fish or fish oil pills we prefer to supplement by getting it directly through algae like the fish does. Since we don't regularly consume algae or seaweed type plants, we supplement with a DHA algae vitamin.

Omega 3 DHA for adults: click here

*daily recommendation of 400 mg

Omega 3 DHA For kids: click here

*daily recommendation of 200 mg

4) Probiotic (Only on occasion)

Live bacteria cultures that help promote a healthy gut. At my healthiest I drink a kombucha a day to get the natural live probiotic bacteria. You can also get natural probiotics through consuming sauerkraut, pickles, miso, tempeh, kimchi or anything naturally fermented or pickled.

I only supplement with a probiotic if I am on antibiotics for any reason or if I am feeling particularly bloated and having digestive issues. In which case, I prefer to purchase the refrigerated probiotics that have the live active cultures in them.

Probiotic for adults: click here

Probiotic for kids: click here


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