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Can We Prevent Cancer with Food?

Life is happening "for you" not "to you". A mantra I keep in the back of my mind as I reflect on everything I have consumed and learned these past few weeks.

From the internet, to podcasts, to books, to doctors- throw something at me and I will research it, this much I know.

Over 60% of dogs will be diagnosed by cancer by age 10. Thats more than 1 out of every 2 dogs you meet. Why? Why is this number so inconceivably large?

And while it is not curable in pets, like it is in people- the best hope pet owners have is to prevent it. There are cancer cells growing in every being- the question is are we feeding them or starving them?

These past few weeks our 8 year old dog has reminded me of many things. But mostly she has guided me back to my truth and purpose.

My belief that we can all empower ourselves and loved ones through what we eat and how we spend our days.

That cancer lives in all of us, but there are ways we can work to prevent or promote it.

That preventing it is much easier, than the panic of fighting it.

That we can try to destroy the weed once it comes, or we can make the soil so inhospitable that it's impossible for it to grow.

That certain foods have compounds that can turn off and on cancer cells.

That turning off "fight or flight" mode, and activating the parasympathetic nervous system can heal you.

That as humans and pets we are all mindlessly wandering farther away from disease fighting whole foods and deeper into the world of processed foods filled with preservatives and chemicals.

That food is medicine.

That you can be your greatest enemy or your strongest ally.

Dr. Dean Ornish proves you may not be destined by your genes and that you can turn on and off good and bad genes through diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Campbell proves in The China Study that cancer growth can be turned on and off in lab rats simply by what he feeds them.

Dr. Michael Greger proves the cancer-fighting qualities of cruciferous vegetables and that in some cancers cases up to 71% appear to be preventable through simple diet and lifestyle changes.

Dr. William Li proves diet accounts for 30-35% of environmentally caused cancers and that certain foods may promote or prevent it.

Our food isn't good enough, and our pet's food certainly isn't either. You can empower everyone in your family by making smart choices about what we all consume.

I know now, that I was supposed to be reminded of this message I will continue to share with the goal of inspiring and empowering anyone that wants to listen. xx


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