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Books To Read

Largest and most comprehensive study of nutrition ever done over the course of 20 years. If you're interested in cold hard scientific facts and want to see proof in numbers this one is for you. Dr. Campbell noticed the low cancer, diabetes, and heart disease rates in China and how their diet focused on mainly rice, beans, and vegetables so set out to study the link between animal products and chronic illness.

New York Times best seller and probably most popular book out there in regards to eating plant based for your health. Written by my favorite doctor and speaker Dr. Michael Greger- he shows just how in control we are of our own destiny and how what we eat can either kill or save us. Filled with many groundbreaking scientific studies but written in a witty tone. If you or a family member has any kind of health condition, he probably touches on how you can take control of it in this book.

If you have a cheese addiction you can't break this one is for you. Another one of my favorite doctors, Dr. Neal Barnard, examines why we love cheese so much and how, like a drug, it sends "happy waves" to our brain. He explains how and why we are marketed so much by it and exactly how dangerous it is for our health.

If you are constantly worrying about your protein intake and how to get that in a plant based diet this is for you. A surgeon treating obese patients examines how our obsession with protein and meat is killing us. He proves how protein deficiency doesn't actually exist and the dangers of eating too much of it.

If you are interested in the more political and economic side of the meat and dairy industry this one is for you. It dives into how eating meat and dairy in large quantities is supported by the government, how we are marketed it as "healthy", how the dairy and meat industries are supported by the government, and how much we are actually paying for it.


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