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First Steps to Plant Based

1. Cut out dairy and red meat first

These are the bigger evils of animal products. Especially since processed meat has been announced by the World Health Organization as a known carcinogen and dairy growth hormones can really mess with your skin and your body's ability to grow tumors. Just cutting these out will do amazing things for your health, mainly your heart/blood flow and balancing your hormone levels.

2. Go slow

If you have been eating animal products for awhile don't go 100% in all at once and shock your system. Your digestive system won't be able to handle all the new fiber and you will be mentally drained trying to learn to cook/eat this way overnight. Start with one meal every day being plant based- maybe it's lunch everyday for a week. Then adjust and increase the next week accordingly.

3. Find your own staple recipes

Test out cooking plant based for dinners a few times here and there and find recipes that you personally like and that work for you and your family. Make it more about the introduction of new and exciting foods and less about what you are eliminating. Write down or save the stuff you like.

4. Make the FULL transition when you are ready

Once you are eating plant based a few times a week you will find a natural transition to just go fully plant based. Chicken, fish, and eggs are usually the last to go and sometimes it can take a few months with each of them. Do what works for you and listen to what feels right. You might find yourself going back to animal products randomly just to "test" your body. If you need that confirmation go for it and see how you feel after. Sometimes we need our own proof.

5. Notice the changes

Once you start eating less animal products and more plants you will find your tastebuds and cravings change. Your body is working at it's fully functional capacity so it is able to tell you what nutrients it needs simply by what you crave. You might even start to get weirded out by the texture of meat. Take some time to soak that all in.


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