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How to Eat Less Cheese

So maybe you saw a documentary and you want to eat less cheese, but you don't know how.

Because it's hard, it is everywhere. It's convenient to eat cheese in the U.S.

It's a lazy way the food industry makes everything taste better, and it gets you wanting more ($).

(See this post on why cheese is addicting)

It just takes a tiny bit of effort to swap this hormone disrupting, artery blocking product for something else.

And that's exactly what it is, a swap. The words "cutting out" is never a positive frame of mind to begin a diet change with, so try not to put that mental stress on yourself.

Instead, think of it as a curious adventure of exploring new dairy-free options.

If you want to begin, I address swaps for all of our favorite traditional cheesy foods here.

Grocery list included.

1. Cheese pizza
  • Homemade pizza with/ violife cheese

  • Seek out vegan cheese pizza places like the chain Blaze Pizza

  • Search your local area on google maps with key words "vegan pizza"

  • Bertucci's roasted vegetable pizza is so flavorful it doesn't need cheese

  • Double Zero for the best tasting plant based pizza by famous chef Matthew Kenney

  • For MA residents I love For Pizza in Medford

2. Cheese & Crackers/ Charcuterie Boards

3. Sandwiches, Quesadillas, Tacos

4. Salads

5. Pasta & Italian Meals

6. Breakfast
  • Swap cheese for creamy avocado on just eggs or tofu scrambles

  • Violife, Tofutti, Miyokos, or Kite Hill cream cheese for whole grain bagels

7. Snacks

8. Other

Grocery list:


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