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4 Reasons to Use a Fiber Plant-fueled Diet To Balance Hormones

1. Plants are The ONLY Foods That Contain Fiber, and They Flush You Out

Processed food has little fiber, and animal-based foods have zero fiber. Fiber binds to toxins, such as lead and mercury, and flushes them out. Our bodies were designed to received a non-stop flow of fiber, so that when excess hormones and cholestoral from our liver end up in our intestines they don't just sit there, they get swept away by the fiber.

2. 90% of the US is Fiber Deficient, and Getting Sicker

No one has ever gone to the hospital on a protein deficiency. Meanwhile our country is ignoring that on a standard animal-based, processed-food based american diet about 90% of the country is fiber difecient and getting sicker every day. "Humans evolved eating huge amounts of fiber, likely in up to one hundred grams daily. That’s up to about ten times what the average person eats today."

3. Fiber Reduces Estrogen-Based Breast Cancer

Excess estrogen is one of the instigators for breast cancer and many other female health issues. Researchers determined that every 10 grams of fiber in the diet cuts breast cancer risk by 7%. That’s equivalent of just eating a handful of beans and an apple. 20 grams? 14%, and so on.

4. Dairy is a Hormone Distrupter

To produce milk you need an artificially inseminated pregnant cow that has then had her baby (this requires hormones to do). To keep the cow producing the milk and collecting it, the baby needs to be taken away and the cow needs to be injected with hormones to keep milk production up. It's hard to imagine a world in which those injected artifical hormones from the cow don't end up in her milk we are drinking, leaving our own hormones out of whack. Oat, soy, cashew, and almond milk are tasty.


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