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Dairy-Free Piña Colada Nice Cream


  • 3 large handfuls of frozen pineapple

  • 2 frozen bananas

  • 1 can of coconut milk

  • Maple syrup to taste or 4-5 pitted medjool dates

*optional rum if you want to make a frozen adult cocktail


Scoop the creamy part off of the top of the canned coconut milk. Add all ingredients to blender, stopping to stir if needed. You want as little liquid as possible so it stays thick and creamy but if you need to, you can add a little of the liquid from the canned coconut milk. Add maple syrup until sweetness is to your liking.

Once blended you can eat as is or pour into a tupperware container or popsicle moldings and stick in the freezer for later. Adults can add the blended mixture to some rum for a yummy frozen cocktail.


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