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Balancing Hormones w/ Dark Leafy Greens

Being in quarantine has my hormones all out of whack- the first sign being my skin acting up. The only real way to check for a hormonal imbalance would to get my blood tested, but since I can't do that right now I am turning to food to try to give my body a boost.

A few things that cause hormonal imbalance:

1) Stress

2) Processed food

3) Sugary food

4) Animal products

5) Alcohol

6) Caffeine

7) Lack of sleep

Instead of focusing on cutting stuff out I am focusing on introducing a lot of new dark leafy greens- nature's magic for the body. When my focus is on that I tend to fill up on the good stuff first and have less of a chance to snack on processed food or long for that second cup of coffee.

Dark Leafy Greens I am using:

Dandelion Greens

Collard Greens

Swiss Chard

Mustard Greens


What I am doing:

1 green smoothie a day (usually mid morning)

Some sort of dark leafy greens at lunch

Some sort of dark leafy greens at dinner

Here are some recipes I am going to use for inspiration but will probably change a little to make my own. You can follow along with what I am cooking on Instagram but wanted to share them here in case others wanted to get inspired:


True Foods Shitake Lettuce Wraps (I will probably use swiss chard for the wraps)

Oh She Glows Green Monster Smoothie (Love adding mango to this recipe)

Rich Roll's Dreamy Green Bowl (will prob adapt and make my own)

Whitney E. RD's Kale Muffins (for both me, Brian and Jameson to eat)

Dandelion Green's Pesto (will swap parm for nutritional yeast)

Veggie Nori Wraps (I might add my tofu salad to these to make the heartier)

Warm Beans & Greens (without parm & will maybe add tempeh bacon)

Creamy Lentils w/ Collard Greens (will swap real butter for vegan buttter)


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