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8 Ways I Shift Energy To Balance The Digestive System

Stuck anxious energy can camp out anywhere in your body, but especially in your digestive system.

Here are some ways I try to balance it and regain control- because when your mind is calm, so is your belly.

  1. Identify the potential root cause of any sad, stressed, or overwhelmed feelings

  2. Write down all the positive things I am doing to make progress on them (you are probably doing more than you think)

  3. Exercise- any kind that I feel a joyful connection with (mine is yoga because of the release the twisting and opening brings)

  4. Go outside for some fresh air, even if it's raining

  5. Do something creative (cook, write, paint, re-decorate, play music, etc. I'm a big fan of puzzles and adult coloring books)

  6. Connect with a a friend or loved one in person or on facetime

  7. Do something charitable or of service

  8. Eat a nourishing healthy meal that won't put extra stress on your system like some of these on my site


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