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10 Nourishing & Dairy-Free Desserts

Dieting is not the answer.

Discovering how to eat the same things your body organically craves and loves, without all the harmful ingredients is how I made my joyful peace with treats and desserts.

Tastebuds are happy. Digestive system is happy. Your body can heal and thrive, while you don't have to feel anxious about "cutting out" and restricting yourself.

There is a way to satisfy all the sweet tooth cravings and still provide nutrients to the body.

And it's really just learning how to make simple swaps.

There is absolutely no need to be loading our desserts with butter, cream, and eggs and there are less refined sugar and flour options available everywhere now.

Once you learn the swaps by trying a few recipes, you'll realize Chips Ahoy, and Hostess don't have anything on these delicious, nourshing, crowd-pleasing treats.

In these recipes:

  • Butter: becomes coconut oil or vegan butter

  • Eggs: become flax/chia seed or mashed banana

  • Cream: becomes vanilla soy, almond, oat or coconut milk

  • White Sugar: becomes coconut sugar, maple syrup, agave, date syrup, or organic raw sugar

  • White Flour: becomes gluten free or whole wheat

I believe in eating the foods we love. I also believe in eating foods that are anti-inflammatory and promote healing. Unlike what we have been taught, the two don't have to be exclusive of one another. Life is too short to ignore the foods that bring us joy, but it's also too short to not give our body the best nutrients to thrive.


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