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People over prescription. The human body has an inate instinctual ability to heal itself, yet we constantly turn to the medical world to fix us. These past two years have been hard on everyone, but especially moms and women trying to become moms. Maybe you feel lost, confused and a little betrayed by your own body. You're stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. You desperately want to get your body and mind back into balance, but don't want to be on medication or strict diet. You want to balance your hormones to have more energy, better skin, and lose weight. Maybe you want to get pregnant after a loss, or maybe you just had a baby and want to feel held, supported and good again. Maybe your a mom that after kids, feels overwhelmed and stopped committing to taking care of yourself, or maybe you're pregnant and want to feel better in pregnancy. In this women's health program, I want you to feel healed and powerful, while being supported by myself. I want to guide you into connection with the greatest prescription there is: yourself and nature. Through nourishing plant based foods and ancient yoga techniques I want you to come out of this program feeling relaxed, energized, and empowered with new skills and knowledge. I want you to find a new connection with both your mind and body , while gaining the support from like-minded women.

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